The process

As a family business, our product and our customers are a priority. The process of processing our coffee from the plantations to the cup is carefully structured and this has been preserved for several generations. We are proud to be able to share with the world a coffee combining both perfection and tradition.

Our process of transforming plantation coffee into an excellent market-ready product includes the following steps:

  1. Cherries picking
  2. Weighing of cherries
  3. Pulping
  4. Fermentation
  5. Washing
  6. Pre-drying and sorting
  7. Drying
  8. Deparching
  9. Green coffee sorting
  10. Roasting

The whole process from picking cherries (1)to sorting of green coffee(8) takes between 21 and 26 days depending on the drying duration which,  under the traditional method( complete drying by sun exposure)varies according to weather changes.